Vince Russo fires shots at Rhea Ripley, has strong take on Damian Priest

Vince Russo fires shots at Rhea Ripley, has strong take on Damian Priest

The former WWE writer believes Damian Priest deserves better, and the limitations within “The Judgement Day” are holding him back from becoming a legitimate star. His comments came on a recent episode of Sportskeeda’s “Legion of RAW” podcast.

“Then you have Rhea Ripley,” Russo said. “Every single week, her acting is not good, and every single week, she takes over in the back. They are afraid of her, bro. A woman 5’2″ gets her up on her shoulder, and Rhea Ripley is like [flails arms]. Does anybody see how ridiculous that is? Am I the only one who sees it as absolutely ridiculous? I said it all along Damian Priest has to be a star, and you have him in the wrong place.”

Ripley is one of the most popular stars on RAW. Her character continually gets over with the fanbase, and her antics often create moments that do well on social media. The dynamic she has with the rest of “The Judgement Day” is one of the current storylines within the faction, too. It’s unfair to claim her acting skills are below par when she’s among the top-tier talent on the promotion and is treated as such.

However, Russo’s comments on Priest are somewhat fair. He is a star talent. He could be bigger than what he is now. And, potentially, he’s in the wrong spot. Still, those issues could all be resolved with better booking and a bigger storyline arc, even if that means he turns against “The Judgement Day,” and the story travels down that route.

When it comes to criticism of WWE and their stars, Russo is never shy to air his thoughts. His successful tenure with the company has earned him the right to be vocal about the way the company is handling its storylines and talent. Still, considering the success of “The Judgement Day” this year, it’s unlikely WWE will make major changes in the coming months, regardless of Priest’s potential ability.

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