Vera should be very worried about the possibility of Brown Mauzo leaving her and moving on to the next wealthier and more popular woman.
Mapenzi! Brown Mauzo Tattooes Vera Sidika’s Name On His Arms (Video)
What do I mean? Well, the way relationships start is often the way they end and Brown Mauzo literally walked away from his pregnant wife.
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Vera Sidika
With that being his behaviour, one has to understand that there is a pattern here. And while Vera Sidika is still on cloud nine because of the new relationship energy, she remains perfectly blind to this fact.
Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo Celebrate 1st Anniversary
Always trust an unscrupulous man to choose whatever favours his interests. And therein is the flaw of Vera Sidika blindly trusting her man.
Vera Sidika
The fact that he could walk away from a young family, the fact that he has previously been embroiled in issues with a sugar mummy, one has to wonder just how low he can go.
Vera Sidika needs to keep her pregnancy offline -but she won’t
I understand that life happens and sometimes, the universe sends you “your person” while you’re already in a relationship but that has nothing to do with your young child.
Brown Mauzo
You can end things with their mother and still be a fixture in the child’s life and someone needs to tell Brown Mauzo this and Vera Sidika also needs to understand this.
Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown
I doubt she will and I am unfortunately one of those people who is reading gloom and doom in the tea leaves over their relationship. And things shall remain this way until they are finally addressed. And the sooner, the better.


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