“Toka Mzee Akae” Kenyan TikToker Discloses Being Denied Seat in Matatu Due to His Childlike Looks

“Toka Mzee Akae” Kenyan TikToker Discloses Being Denied Seat in Matatu Due to His Childlike Looks

Cyrus Azziz and his wife have struggled with being mistaken for kids due to their childlike looks Speaking to TUKO.co.ke, Azziz disclosed that some people even chastised them for getting married ‘young’.The TikToker also said several people often yelled at him and even ordered him around, thinking he was a child

Kenyan TikToker Cyrus Azziz, one-half of the viral TikTok couple, the AziShars, has disclosed that people often mistake him for a child due to his youthful appearance. Cyrus Azziz said that he and his wife are often mocked.

Azziz’s experience in a matatu Speaking on a couple’s Q and A session on TUKO Extra, Azziz narrated one incident where he was compelled to give up his seat in a matatu for an elder. “Watu wananiona kama mtoto physically…hadi nishawahi shukushiwa kiti kwa gari nikaambiwa we mtoto toka hapo huyo mzee akae,” he narrated.

In such situations, he said he had developed a coping mechanism to indirectly let people know that he was a grown man. He said he would take out his phone and pretend to be on a call. He would then try to deepen his voice to give the impression of a grown man. “Unashika simu unasema ‘hello, niaje?’…unajaribu kutafuta bass kidogo,” he explained.

However, thanks to his internet fame, he revealed that such instances have become rare because people now recognise him. “After music na vitu zingine saa hii najulikana kidogo…na mtu akiniangalia kutoka huko anaona huyu ni mzee kidogo,” he added. In a candid part of the interview, Azziz and his wife, Sharon Keuku, opened up about the cyberbullying they’ve endured due to their appearances, with some even mistaking them for mother and son.

The couple has faced harsh comments, including insinuations about their dynamic, with some suggesting that Keuku, who is taller, dominates the relationship. Subscribe to watch new videos Azziz and Keuku gift each other Earlier, the lovely couple got into a little tiff over the gifts they had gotten each other. The couple differed over who had gotten the other the priciest gifts.

Azziz said he had bought Keuku a watch worth KSh 350 and given her his heart and love, something he considered the most expensive gift. Keuku was not delighted with her man’s answers, reminding him she had bought him many expensive clothes.

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