The Sad Death Of Ex-Police Officer Who Shot Dead A Fellow Cop

The Sad Death Of Ex-Police Officer Who Shot Dead A Fellow Cop

Corporal Caroline Kangogo had become the talk of the whole country for the better part of July 2021. Why? The fugitive cop had shot dead a colleague in Nakuru before fleeing to Nairobi, where the trigger happy officer killed businessman Peter Ndwiga.

And from there, the fugitive police officer was on the run even as she escaped police dragnets.

Seen as a security threat, the police would launch a manhunt for the officer who had gone berserk and was on a shooting spree.

After three weeks of what appeared like chasing wind, the lifeless body of Kangogo was discovered in their home in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

The fugitive cop had allegedly locked herself up inside her parent’s bathroom and killed herself, using the same gun that she had used to kill her two victims, who were allegedly her lovers.

Though questions were raised on whether she indeed shot herself dead, it was the end of the road for Kangogo after the three dramatic months.

It is now almost three years of the tragic episode caused by the former police officer. However, the motive behind all her actions remains clouded.

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