The Only Famous Person In The Bible Who Married His Own Sister

The Only Famous Person In The Bible Who Married His Own Sister

The Bible forbids unions between close family members. This is also considered a forbidden union in African customs. Marriage between two people who are not related by blood is encouraged in the Holy Book. In contrast, I’ll tell you about the one individual in the Bible who married his own sister.

When Abraham was born, his older sister and two brothers were already established in the land of Ur, as recorded in the book of Genesis. Sarah, the only sister of Nahor’s two brothers, Nahor and Haran, became his wife.

The Bible claims that even though Sarah and Abraham shared a womb, they were fathered by different men. This phrase is elaborated upon in greater depth in Genesis 20:12. To begin with, in Chapter 20 of Genesis: The vast migration is the topic of this chapter. At this point, Abraham had already proposed to Sarah, his sister. In the same chapter, we learn that King Abimelech attempted to take her, but God prevented him.

Abraham and Sarah wed long before God forbade it, when that prohibition hadn’t yet been proclaimed. It wasn’t simply Abraham and Sarah who married within the family. In this time and place, marrying within the same family was not looked down upon. It wasn’t until Moses’s time that the practice of marrying close relatives was made illegal in the book of Deuteronomy. Since then, it has been unlawful to wed within the same family.

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