Tears As Father of Slain Nakuru Waitress Speaks Out

Tears As Father of Slain Nakuru Waitress Speaks Out

In a tragic turn of events, the family of 30-year-old Ann Wambui Maina is grappling with grief and demanding justice after she was fatally shot by a Nakuru police officer in a city club. The incident unfolded on Wednesday morning, sending shockwaves through the community.

Ann’s father, Paul Maina, expressed the family’s shock and grief, emphasising the need for accountability. He received a distressing call from Ann’s colleague, informing him of the shooting at her workplace. Only later did he learn of his daughter’s death when a police officer confirmed the tragic news.

The Kaptembwo police officer revealed that Ann had been shot at a nightclub, prompting Mr. Maina to visit the mortuary where her lifeless body lay. Overwhelmed with sorrow, he called for decisive action against the responsible police officer.

Source: Facebook: Nation

At the Nakuru City mortuary, Ann’s brother, Peter Gachie, spoke of her determination as a single mother providing for her three children. He painted a picture of Ann’s resilience, highlighting her previous success as a bartender in Kisumu before relocating to Nakuru three years ago.

Ann’s ambition to secure a better future for her children and provide them with a quality education underscored her dedication. Despite facing challenges, such as losing her job after her mother’s death and battling depression, Ann persisted. Her brother mentioned a plan to open a grocery shop in Nakuru, showcasing her determination to overcome adversity.

The family’s grief is compounded by the circumstances surrounding Ann’s death—a police officer’s fatal shot in an entertainment club over a disputed liquor bill. This tragedy has ignited calls for justice from both the grieving family and human rights bodies.

As the community mourns the loss of Ann Wambui Maina, questions surrounding the incident persist, and the demand for accountability intensifies. The Nakuru County Bar Association plans a peaceful demonstration to advocate for justice, emphasising the need to address this distressing case.

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