Standard Group Journalist Speaks after Claims of Venereal Disease at Station

Standard Group Journalist Speaks after Claims of Venereal Disease at Station

KTN News senior newscaster Ali Manzu has allayed fears of a venereal disease attack at the Standard Media Group.

Unfounded reports had indicated that staffers at the station were sent home for the said diseases to subside.

Elsewhere, a communique went round suggesting the cash-strapped media house situated along Mombasa Road had gone bankrupt.

However, setting the record straight, Manzu flagged all the reports as fakes.

On venereal diseases, Manzu stated that no one had been diagnosed with any.

“Thanks for your calls, DMs & even those we met this past week asking about the SGL syphilis issue. We are all fine. No one has any Kaswende, kisonono nor mkanda wa jeshi,” said Manzu via X.

On the issue of insolvency, the journalist denied the claims that the company had been declared bankrupt.

While admitting that things were thought financially for the media house, Manzu said it was still afloat as measures were underway to navigate it to normalcy.

“It’s sad that some people can sit and come up with such fake news of insolvency yet we are all putting efforts to stay afloat. SGL will not go down, we will get back soon.

As much as we have challenges, the young and energetic staff, are striving to make ends meet, collectively. It’s a painful process, but we cannot fall for fake news. Focus,” he said.

For a time, Standard Group went through turbulent financial times, majorly after disruption by the COVID-19 pandemic that plagued the world between 2020 and 2021.

The company would be on the spot severally for failing to settle its employees’ salaries.

It lost some of its big names to competition.

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