Singer Stivo Simple Boy Speaks After Collapsing Live On TV, Reveals What Exactly Happened

Singer Stivo Simple Boy Speaks After Collapsing Live On TV, Reveals What Exactly Happened

In the last few hours or so, lovers of Citizen TV’s entertainment show dubbed ’10 over 10′ were left shocked.

This is because they were treated to a scary scene, of renowned Kenyan singer Stivo Simple Boy collapsing while live in the show.

Stivo Simple Boy, real name Stephen Otieno Adera, was actually one of the artists who were on Friday night hosted by Azeezah Hashim and Guddah Man while they graced the famous Citizen TV show.

When the ‘Mihadarati’ hit maker went to the show, he performed some of his hit songs, before later having an interview with Azeezah.

The ravishing media personality wanted to know about details of how Stivo Simple Boy became a star from humble beginnings, you know, the usual stuff!

However before even the interview got far, the singer suddenly stopped talking, bent down and held his knees, then fell on his back.

When Stivo Simple Boy collapsed on stage, it caught everyone by surprise, including the youths who were at Citizen TV to have some fun that Friday night.

Photo: Stivo Simple Boy collapses on stage.

After the singer collapsed, Azeezah Hashim said the show was taking a little break, probably because she wanted the singer to be attended to.

Here is the video of Stivo Simple Boy collapsing live on Citizen TV.

Stivo speaks after collapsing on stage
Just minutes after Stivo Simple Boy collapsed on Citizen TV, he went to his Instagram stories and spoke about what caused him to collapse.

The talented singer infact revealed that he was suffering from stress, that caused him to faint on the stage.

The stress was actually brought about by the problems that he has been having with his new manager but the moniker of Chingiboy Mstado.

In the Instagram post, Stivo simple Boy was even spotted openly begging the manager to come back and work with him.

“Meneja Rudi tupige kazi nimeishiwa na Nguvu watu wasitukosanishe. Stress inanipiga mpaka naanguka kwa stage Niki perfrom 😭😭😭 mnatakuniharibia mpaka manager”

“Rudi tupige kazi manager @chingiboy_mstado” Stivo Simple Boy wrote.

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