Simba Arati Now Challenges Ruto’s CS To Another Political Duel In 2027 As Tension Builds Up In Kisii

Simba Arati Now Challenges Ruto’s CS To Another Political Duel In 2027 As Tension Builds Up In Kisii

Kisii Governor Simba Arati has gained an advantage over Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu and Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro in their political rivalry. This is due to the Senate’s decision to impeach Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda.Monda had sided with Machogu and Osoro, who are political opponents of Arati. The Senate found Monda guilty of violating the constitution, abuse of office, misconduct, and crimes. This was a major win for Arati, as Monda had openly worked with Machogu and Osoro against the governor.

The rift between Arati and Monda became public last November when Monda hosted Osoro and other leaders allied with Machogu at his home. Arati had previously urged the county assembly to reconsider impeaching Monda, hoping for unity among leaders.Osoro vowed to use his influence to block Monda’s impeachment in the Senate. However, the Senate Speaker barred Osoro from representing Monda due to a conflict of interest as an MP. Senators from both political alliances united to impeach Monda after lengthy discussions.

This marked a setback for Osoro, who had claimed Monda would not be impeached despite the accusations being a “political witch hunt.” Senators from Osoro’s own alliance supported the impeachment, setting aside party differences.The Kisii Senator abstained from voting, expressing disappointment at the situation portraying the county negatively.

Arati has accused Machogu of sponsoring leaders to undermine his development agenda. Their differences played out publicly at a funeral, with Machogu getting agitated when youths booed him, blaming Arati. Arati responded by questioning Machogu’s qualification to lecture him after defeating him in the election.The rivalry between Arati, Machogu, and Osoro dates back to a physical fight during a funeral three years ago. The impeachment outcome suggests Arati currently has the upper hand in this political supremacy battle within Kisii County.

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