Yesterday, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua gave a talk to creatives from his county.
The governor was accompanied by Tanzanian heartthrob Rayvanny during the session hosted in the White House for creatives.
Rayvanny is in the country for a double birthday celebration with Mutua at Ole Sereni tomorrow evening.
Speaking to creatives, Mutua advised, “We have a lot of faith in our artistes. Like here in Machakos our artistes are brilliant, lakini we have something that started during the Moi regime where you are confined. Lazima usaidiwe na mtu ndio ufike mahali (It is like, you have to be given handouts for you to make it big). Some of us, hatujawai saidiwa na mtu mimi sikua governor kwasababu nilisaidiwa na mtu (I did not become a governor because I was helped by anyone).”
He added, “I did things so that I was way ahead of other people. Be creative, don’t whine, don’t pull people down, you work on your talent and begin to push it. Your initiative plays a very very big difference in your success.”
Governor Alfred Mutua: The lessons I have learnt in life
Governor Mutua would like to leave a mark in people’s lives by uplifting them.
Governor Alfred Mutua gives love advice to Rayvanny
“I am a believer in love and that one should never give up on love regardless of everything.”- Alfred Mutua
Rayvanny also imparted some wisdom saying, “Talanta ni kitu ambacho kina thamani kubwa sana na ni kitu ambacho kinawapa utajiri hapa duniani ni kitu ambachao ukiwa nacho wewe uwe unaimba, unashoot, unacheza jua kwenye industry ni kitu ambacho kina mafanikio na dhamani kubwa sana.
(Talent is a precious gift that can get you riches. It comes in any form from singing, shooting or any performance art. That talent you have can bag you great success.)”
The Tetema star added, “Lakini ili uweze kua unafanikiwa kuna vitu ambavyo lazima uvifwate. Cha kwanza kabisa ni Mungu, second one, work very hard. Jitume sana, I will tell you one thing, kua na talent is one thing, kujituma is another.
(However, for you to make something out of your talent, there are things you need to do and follow religiously, one is to put God first. Secondly, work hard and take initiative to push your craft. I will tell you one thing, having talent is one thing and working hard is another.)


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