The type of women available to marry for single men was heavily discussed on air.
On the Tuesday morning conversation, Maina’s topic was a continuation of Monday about men having only single mothers to marry.
“Yesterday it became clear that marriable women today that are available have one or to children. Mwalimu say like starting at one zero. There was divided opinion about young men marrying a woman with children. I’m trying to wonder, is that the only option today? is it? As a young man, call me and tell me what is going through your mind”
Mwalimu his co host told Maina that that is the case which Maina asked callers to give their opinion.
“I need you to give me a call young men, and tell me is that the only option left, that the only decent women left are those with children? So if you start at two zero what happens coz most people these days just want one or two children.”
“kwanza kama ako na kaboy it’s a aprobem Mwalimu weighed in, “huyo kijana atauliza baba yake siku moja, hiyo uandike mahali.”
“So if you are a young man and the only option left is a woman with children, what happens? Maina asked, adding s ingle mothers I need to hear from you”
A man told Maina that the only options left to date are women with children or one who has already done an abortion. “Everyone has a kid or two or aborted, I’m not planning to ever get married. I’m not willing to marry a woman with a child already, but if I do I will make sure we sign that I will not financially support her child. But I will also give er a child of my own and life moves on”


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