‘See Kenyans Quick Reactions As Bomet MCA Unveils A Probox As The Area’s Official Ambulance

‘See Kenyans Quick Reactions As Bomet MCA Unveils A Probox As The Area’s Official Ambulance

The Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Chemaner Ward, Richard Ruttoh Kigaru, donated a Probox converted into an ambulance to his constituents to assist with medical emergencies in Bomet County.

This has stirred up diverse reactions among Kenyans. The move was met with both applause and criticism from the public.

In a video shared online, residents of Chemaner Ward can be seen celebrating as the Probox, transformed into an ambulance, arrives at a local health center.

Women sing and ululate while the vehicle, painted in white, blue, green, and red colors with a red cross symbolizing hospitals, is driven in.

While some lauded the MCA for his benevolent gesture, others questioned the practicality and adequacy of using a Probox as an ambulance.

Concerns were raised about the vehicle’s ability to handle medical emergencies effectively, particularly given its modest size and lack of specialized medical equipment.

One social media user expressed disappointment, highlighting the government’s apparent prioritization of luxury cars for officials over essential services like ambulances for the public.

Another user echoed these sentiments, suggesting that the funds used to purchase the Probox could have been allocated towards acquiring a fully equipped ambulance instead.

However, there were defenders of the MCA’s decision, arguing that the Probox was well-suited for navigating the rugged terrain of Kenyan villages.

They pointed out that many rural areas lack proper infrastructure, making larger ambulances impractical for emergency response.

Despite the differing opinions, one thing is clear: the unveiling of the Probox ambulance has sparked a conversation about healthcare accessibility and resource allocation in Kenya.

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