Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza moved to tears by his mother’s surprise on stage

Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza moved to tears by his mother’s surprise on stage

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien-Aime Baraza was left overwhelmed with emotions when his mother surprised him during his performance at recent Blankets and Wine event.

During his set at the concert, Bien was taken aback when he spotted his mother in the audience, a visit he hadn’t anticipated.

Expressing his astonishment, he shared that his mother had been tirelessly caring for his ailing father back in their village, which made her visit to Nairobi a complete surprise.

“This is totally a surprise. Mom, let me start by saying you are looking hot tonight. Guys, if you have Listened to my latest Album, the title ‘Alusa, why are you topless’ is because when we did ‘Nishike’ she called me and she was like ‘Alusa! Why are you topless?” Bien emotionally expressed during the performance.

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Opening up about the recent family struggles, Bien confessed that his father’s illness had kept his mother occupied, making it challenging for her to travel to Nairobi.

This unexpected appearance at his concert left Bien deeply moved and emotional, as he had not anticipated seeing her due to the ongoing situation back home.

“My dad has been very sick and for a couple of months, she has not been able to come to Nairobi because she has been busy taking care of my dad. Mom, I did not know you had the time to come and watch the concert today,” he said.

The touching moment didn’t go unnoticed as Bien took to social media to express his gratitude.

“@blanketsandwine yesterday was beautiful. It was my 1st show performing the album and my Mum came all the way from Kakamega to surprise me,” he shared.

Adding to the touching narrative, Bien’s wife Chiki Kuruka also expressed her joy and appreciation for the surprise.

“True love is more than wedding bands on you, Holding you down when the world falls on you, Seeing yourself is somebody else’s eyes 💕,” she shared, acknowledging the efforts of everyone who helped organize the heartwarming surprise for her husband and mother-in-law.

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