Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has finally come out to confirm the news that the club she owned with her ex-lover, Wakanda, was shut down.
She opened up about this in a chat with her fans on her Instagram stories, after being asked about what had happened to the club located at Krishna Centre in Westlands.
Saumu Mbuvi and her lover used to frequent the club regularly when at the height of the club’s popularity. She explained that the club which had begun operations back in 2018 was not operating anymore but promised fans that she was working on another club.
Saumu’s revelation about working on a new business venture is a breath of fresh air considering the negative news that has swirled around in 2021.
Saumu Mbuvi portrait
Saumu Mbuvi portrait
Saumu seems to have been unlucky in love over the years, having two baby daddy’s with whom she had some very contentious break-ups with.
Don’t forget that this was the year that she and her second baby daddy Anwar Loitiptip broke up under acrimonious circumstances. But as if that wasn’t enough, the politician would later move on two months later and MARRY one of Saumu’s friends!
Aeedah Bambi shows photos of her lush home with Saumu’s baby daddy Anwar
But it seems that the daughter of the former Nairobi governor is healing quickly and trying to make things work in her business ventures, which I support fully.


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