Ruto Now Announces Allocation of 108 Billion To Fight Graft During Swearing of 20 Judges

Ruto Now Announces Allocation of 108 Billion To Fight Graft During Swearing of 20 Judges

Ruto has now announced the allocation of Kshs 108 Billion in fight Against corruption as he oversee swearing in of 20 High Court Judges today at Statehouse.

“To support these efforts, we have increased budgetary allocations to sectors combating corruption, and promoting justice and accountability since the 2022/23 financial year, from Kshs 87b to 108 billion in the current financial year. Some of these resources contribute to the judiciary’s infrastructure development, including the construction of courts, staff recruitment, and capacity building for law enforcement agencies. I am happy that the establishment of small claims courts across the country has brought justice closer to the people and resulted in a significant increase in the number of resolved cases.” Ruto said.


Ruto in his address told the new judges that while the constitutional separation of powers delineates functional boundaries between arms of government, it is crucial to remember that ultimately, they are all servants of the people, entrusted with public authority for their benefit.

Ruto further notes that as the executive, they have a strong interest in an effective and efficient judiciary because our nation’s economy and security, and the people’s rights and freedoms depend on it.

Ruto noted that the bottom-up economic transformation agenda acknowledges the critical role of governance institutions, and in particular, the place of a strong and effective judiciary in Kenya’s progress and inclusive prosperity.

“Ultimately, we will be judged not by how we serve the strong and influential, but by how we support and protect the weak, the poor, and the vulnerable.” Ruto said

“To accord Kenyans the full promise of the constitution, each one of you must remain alive to Articles 10 and 159 of the constitution, as well as the solemn oath you have taken today.” He added

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