Ruto Finally Spills The Beans, Reveals Who Is Secretly Sabotaging His Govt, Not Uhuru Or Raila

Ruto Finally Spills The Beans, Reveals Who Is Secretly Sabotaging His Govt, Not Uhuru Or Raila

William Ruto is experiencing the suffering that his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, did. A displeased Uhuru publicly lamented that his deputy Ruto was always campaigning during the height of the 2022 General Election campaigns.

He even dared Ruto to resign, stating he was no longer performing his duties. President Ruto made fun of a few unidentified politicians on Labor Day this year, accusing them of seeking attention rather than doing what is best for the people.

“And we must be brutally honest with one another, there is no need to lie to each other. There is no need to look for popularity because those of us who were elected as leaders were not elected to be popular but to serve and transform our country and to work for those who elected us.

“I find a lot of leaders spending so much time trying to be popular. When will you have time to work for the people who elected you if all the time your focus attention and energy is on how to continue being popular? Leadership and the transformation of the country is not going to happen if we don’t focus on why we were elected.”

This comes at a crucial moment when, during the same celebrations in 2022, Uhuru made similar comments at the Nyayo National Stadium, accusing Ruto of seeking popularity by blaming the administration for the country’s problems.

The President expressed frustration that his deputy should be helping to address the issues affecting the people rather than criticizing the government over the high cost of living and other concerns.

He also accused Ruto of neglecting his duties and suggested that he should resign if he was dissatisfied with the government.

“Instead of helping me address the situation you are all over in the marketplaces inciting people against me and then you call yourself a big leader,” said Uhuru.

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