Reactions As A Dad Spotted Praying For His Daughter After Dropping Her To School

Reactions As A Dad Spotted Praying For His Daughter After Dropping Her To School

A photo doing rounds social media, showing a dad praying for his daughter after dropping her to school has received massive public attention, where netizens are showering the dad with attractive comments. They are telling him, he is a good father to his daughter.

A faction of Kenyans online have gone ahead saying, the man has demonstrated to his daughter that indeed he is a loving and caring dad and he wishes his daughter nothing but the best in her studies and God’s protection while at school for second term.

In the said photo, the dad is seen holding his daughter’s hands while praying for her. The daughter too appears to have listened to her father and bowed down to be prayed for. This photo has been brought to public attention by Lemiso media house where they have shared on their official Facebook page. Netizens have flooded on their official timeline, praising the dad.

A netizen identified as Joan Lelei, has commented saying, ” Some of us are this far because our parents pray for us day to day by the mention of our names. The little they had was sufficient. No greater love!” She wrote.

Another netizen, Kipkosgei Binott has reacted saying, “Very inspirational,we actually miss at some points ,something that can be inscribed in every dads heart and routine,fathers offer blessings.” He wrote.

Kenyans online have wished the girl all the best in her studies as she second term kicks off. The photo has been inspirational to many.

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