President Samia’s New Look Going Viral on Social Media

President Samia’s New Look Going Viral on Social Media

A photo of President Samia Suluhu Hassan has gone viral on social media, with Tanzanians praising her new look.

In the photo, President Hassan is seen wearing a headscarf covering her hair but exposing her ears.

This marks a departure from her usual style of covering not just her hair, but also her ears and neck.

Samia has always covered her head and neck
As an Islamic woman, President Hassan has always dressed conservatively in public, abiding by cultural norms for Muslim women in Tanzania.

However, in this particular photo, she chose to show off her ears and earrings, revealing a pair of beautiful silver hoops.

Many Tanzanians have reacted positively to the photo, applauding President Hassan’s confidence in trying a new style.

On Twitter and Facebook, supporters praised her appearance and called the look “stunning”, “modern”, and “fashion-forward”. Some commented that she looked younger and more carefree.

This is the first time the public has seen President Hassan’s ears since she assumed office last year.

The new look seems to signal her desire to project a modern image as the first female president of Tanzania.

By confidently showcasing a stylish, yet still modest appearance, she is challenging outdated norms dictating how Muslim African women in leadership roles should look and dress.

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