PhD student Laura Kwasira’s dies in brawl with rogue cop over unpaid bills at Nakuru’s Vegas pub

PhD student Laura Kwasira’s dies in brawl with rogue cop over unpaid bills at Nakuru’s Vegas pub

In a shocking turn of events on December 12, 2023, tragedy struck at Nakuru’s Vegas pub as a policeman namely Constable Nicholas Musau, reportedly opened fire, leaving two dead and others injured over an unpaid Ksh 16,000 alcohol bill at the entertainment joint.

Among the victims was Laura Kwasira, the pub owner’s sister, who succumbed to gunshot wounds while undergoing treatment at Nakuru Level 6 Hospital.

Laura’s sister, Grey Mwana Wa Rasoah, took to Facebook to pay tribute to her sibling, writing:

“RIP my sister Laura Kwasira. Dance with the angels. May that police officer never know peace.”

The horrifying incident unfolded around 2:00 am when Constable Musau, stationed at Nakuru Central Police Station, was reportedly confronted by a waiter about settling his bill at the pub.

A commotion erupted, leading the officer to reportedly discharge his firearm indiscriminately.

Laura Kaswira, who had been pursuing a Ph.D., sustained serious injuries and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Tragically, she lost her life as a result of the gunshot wounds. She was set to graduate in June 2024.

The death means two people have since died in the incident. A witness referred to as Ann, has also died.

During the incident, Constable Musau reportedly engaged in a physical altercation with barmaids over the unpaid drinks, leading to the fatal shooting.

Nakuru County police commander confirmed the arrest of Constable Musau, who is currently detained at Kaptebwa police station.

The officer was apprehended with a pistol, two rounds of ammunition, and six spent cartridges recovered from the scene.

The four victims, comprising two men and two women, were caught in the crossfire. The deceased woman’s body has been taken to a local mortuary pending post-mortem examinations.

Doctors revealed that another woman is undergoing surgery, while the two males are in stable condition.

The Nakuru community is grappling with shock and grief over the tragic incident, calling for justice for the victims and a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to the deadly shooting.

Authorities are conducting a comprehensive probe into the rogue cop’s actions, seeking to bring closure to the affected families and restore a sense of security within the community.

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