Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) boss Francis Atwoli has accused the national government of failing to address environmental issues in major towns nationwide.
Mr Atwoli decried the government’s failure to develop policies that address issues such as garbage collection and beautification.
As a result, the secretary-general, while addressing the 106th edition of the International Labour Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday said most towns are filthy.
Mr Atwoli noted that in the world over, appropriate policy measures and institutional arrangements need to be put in place to minimize resistance and promote the acceptance of solutions that tackle environmental problems.
“Cotu (K) is aware that the transition to environmental sustainability will affect regions and countries in different ways, and appropriate policy measures and institutional arrangements need to be in place to guide the process to minimise resistance and encourage acceptance by the affected actors and segments,” he sad.
Mr Atwoli lauded the Rwandan government for cleaning up its capital city Kigali, calling for Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta to do the same.
“In my country Kenya, the government has not taken environmental issues seriously, as most of our cities, although under the devolved system of governance, are so filthy.”
At the same time, while welcoming the government’s policy of broadening the Cash Transfer Programme to cover senior citizens aged 65 years and above, the veteran trade unionist agitated for the strengthening of regulatory frameworks to stanch wastage of resources.
He said this can be achieved by ensuring the “right” leaders are appointed to prevent Kenyans from losing their investments.
“We also call on the government to improve on governance structures and practices at the key social security institutions, particularly the National Social Security Fund and the National Hospital Insurance Fund.
“Substantive leaders need to be put in place with the consultation of tripartite partners to ensure that workers resources are insulated from abuse and possible misuse, particularly as our country heads towards a General Election later in the year.”


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