This will be worth your time if you’re not watching Scandal, Fringe, Empire or Quantum Leap. Code 254 is an upcoming film series, which is being worked on by Big Idea films, Kenya. A look at the trailer shows Hubert “Nonini” Nakitare as a main character. The plot hints at a malign entity trying to bring “Genge Music” to an end.
Nonini as a musician is a target being hunted down and when he is nabbed, he is batted heavily. Stephanie Mimi, Daniel Asmelash, former TPF contestant Amileena Mwenesi and other notable big names in the local entertainment scene are part of the project. There will also be real-life characters who will be chiming into the show.
“We started by working a music video by Nonini; the idea came from there – that we could extend it to a story,” Ndugi Gituku, the producer says. The video, “Genge Love,” was released back in 2010. Originally, the production was meant to be a movie but with the possibilities that came up, it was upgraded to be a film series.
“The story is about urban life – Nairobi urban life – and it also features a lot of music; inner city music, hip hop music and the lives of artistes,” he reveals. The film project is expected to come to fruition this coming March. The launch date has not yet been decided. The process is taking a slow approach so that the team gives Kenyans “a good product.”
He says that the crew understands that fellow Kenyan film makers are struggling with financing and production, and they would like to try help bring something worth watching to our screens. The show will undoubtedly be one of the best for the year – and probably beyond. Film critics, fans and film makers should anticipate the next big film project in Kenya.


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