” Nilikuwa Mrembo sana,My Husband Destroyed My Beauty By Removing My Eye”

” Nilikuwa Mrembo sana,My Husband Destroyed My Beauty By Removing My Eye”

The tale of Maureen, a Kenyan woman, is a deeply poignant one, as she recounts the harrowing experience of her husband’s attempt to end her life due to her decision to seek opportunities in the city.

As the eldest in her family, Maureen faced economic challenges that hindered her educational pursuits. Consequently, she entered into marriage at the tender age of 15. She chose her best friend as a life partner, a decision that ultimately transformed him into her adversary. Despite the couple being blessed with four children, the strain of life led Maureen to contemplate relocating to the city in pursuit of a better livelihood.

Her husband’s insecurities intensified with her decision to leave, culminating in the shocking news of him taking on a second wife just a week after her departure. Disturbed and incredulous, Maureen returned home to investigate the situation. This marked the horrifying juncture when a gruesome crime unfolded. The husband and his new wife had plotted to eliminate her, driven by his insecurity and fear of losing her to other men in Nairobi.

Upon her return, a brutal attack ensued, with her husband wielding a machete to disfigure her face, depriving her of one eye. He also mutilated her fingers before falsely reporting her death to the police. Fortunately, through a combination of luck and medical intervention, Maureen’s life was saved. The journey to recovery has been arduous, with her physical beauty irreversibly altered. Choosing to sever ties with marriage, she assumed sole responsibility for raising her four children.

Maureen’s subsequent endeavors have centered around resilience and perseverance. Working as a cleaner in a hotel, she has also managed to acquire a motorcycle with the assistance of a compassionate individual. She maintains an optimistic outlook, believing that her efforts will eventually yield success.

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