“Ni Mmoja” Karen Nyamu Says, Confirms Samidoh As Her Only Amidst Viral Breakup Rumours

“Ni Mmoja” Karen Nyamu Says, Confirms Samidoh As Her Only Amidst Viral Breakup Rumours

The world of celebrity relationships often finds itself under the unforgiving spotlight, where the slightest hint of discord becomes a headline.

Karen Nyamu and Mugithi singer Samidoh are the latest couple to face the speculative gaze of the public eye.

The whispers of trouble began when keen-eyed fans noticed the duo’s conspicuous act of unfollowing each other on Instagram – a digital testament to potential relationship distress.

In the age of social media, such actions trigger discussions and debates among netizens, dissecting the status of a once seemingly blissful love story.

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu, in response to concerned inquiries from fans, took to social media to set the record straight. She reassured her followers that Samidoh is unequivocally still her “only man,” dispelling any notions of a breakup.

The couple, parents to two children, has been a prominent fixture in the public eye for over three years.

Samidoh’s online behavior fueled the speculation further when he started following his estranged wife, Edday, on Instagram, prompting fans to speculate on the possibility of a reconciliation.

The public appearances of the duo, once marked by couple goals and shared moments, have noticeably dwindled.

Despite the storm surrounding them, Nyamu shared photos from Kigali, Rwanda, where she attended the East African parliamentary games.

A curious fan sought to unravel the mystery, questioning whether Samidoh was her travel companion or if she had found a new partner. Nyamu responded playfully, asserting that Samidoh remains her “only man.”

Amidst the gossip, Samidoh addressed claims of financial support from Nyamu with humor, stating that he is ‘no longer with Nyamu’ and encouraging those making such claims to ‘date’ her as well.


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