“Nangojea Tu Millionaires” Dem Wa Facebook Reveals She’s Single, only Wants to Date Millionaires

“Nangojea Tu Millionaires” Dem Wa Facebook Reveals She’s Single, only Wants to Date Millionaires

Content creator Dem wa Facebook has opened up about her relationship status and explained who her ideal man is.

Her recent performance at Captain Otoyo’s “Something must kill a Man” comedy show has once again showcased her exceptional talent and unique brand of humor – earning her the limelight and a standing ovation from an adoring audience.

Who did Dem wa Facebook date

The young star said she was only interested in dating rich men and laughed at the men she dated in the past.

Dem Wa Facebook has had a passion for comedy since she can remember.Growing up, her father would affectionately call her a “msaani” (artist), which sparked her interest in entertaining people from a young age.

“Let me tell you that love is blind. Some, I do not even want them to say they dated me. They look the way they want. God really helped me because I never got pregnant for any of them. The kids would be disturbing politicians with calls for nursery,” she said.

As a content creator, Dem Wa Facebook became known for her incredible stage presence and ability to engage audiences.

Dem wa Facebook also said she would rather cry in Lavington rather than be happy in a bedsitter somewhere.She added that she prefers to date men who have money and laughed at women who date men who are struggling.

She was often chosen as the emcee for events and school functions, where aspiring comedians would shy away from performing after witnessing her electrifying performances.

“Right now, I am just single, just waiting for a millionaire. There is no trophy in poverty. Struggle and find someone even if you will be crying in Lavington. When you are angst with someone you can press the lift and go relax,” she added.

Her reputation as a talented entertainer grew, catching the attention of the dean of her college, who suggested she try out for the renowned Churchill Show.

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