Mejja has severally narrated musically how he struggled before coming to Nairobi to debut his music career.
He has worked hard from the days of ‘Barua’ to 2021 where he is one of the most successful musicians in Kenya.
“I was discovered at a talent competition and when I came to Nairobi, Clemmo spotted me and invited me to stay with him at his house. Before that, I was selling nuts. So even in my music, I write my personal experiences.” Mejja once said.
In every success he earns, Mejja always credits it to the opportunity he was given by Clemo. Taking to social media, he posted a picture he took during Bahati’s album launch with Clemo calling him his musical godfather.
“He Discovered Me CLEMO My Music GODFATHER, He Gave Me an Opportunity. AkaNipea Mahali Ya Kuishi Vile NiLiToKa Ghettoh KuJa Nairobi YaaNi AliNiPea Chance And I Am Forever Grateful.” He shared
Manz has been trending for the last month with two of his songs being pulled down over copyright claims.
The last time after one of the biggest jams he has ever done, Tabia Za Wakenya, was pulled down, he made it clear that he is dealing with the situation.
“How can you talk with a thief? I can not talk to a thief, just wait and see. This guy knows that he is wrong, but he knows by striking me on Youtube, it will slow down subscribers, views. This was just a dirty game on my business. And it really bored me. When I say I am dealing with it, I swear I will deal with it.”


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