“My Husband Would Smell My Clothes After Job” Kenyan Lady On How She Lived In A Toxic Marriage

“My Husband Would Smell My Clothes After Job” Kenyan Lady On How She Lived In A Toxic Marriage

Some hours ago Metha Ya Kagoni Tv aired the story of a Kenyan lady, who talked about how she lived in a toxic marriage with a husband who was full of insecurities. Her name is Clare and she was born and raised in Kiserian. She got married twelve years ago and she gave birth to two children. She met her husband when she was in secondary school and after form four she got married. It all started as a sleepover and after sometime she ended up getting married.

After sometime she got pregnant and after giving birth that was where war started in that house. The first time he battled her she went back to their home, but after some negotiations she went back into the marriage. She thought life would get well but instead the man continued being very abusive. Things went from bad to tough when his family started abusing her, and her husband never stood by her side. She got the second pregnancy and the husband was very angry when he realized she was carrying a girl while he wanted a boy.

She later realized the husband had another mistress and that was why he was treating her badly. She moved out of the marriage and stayed alone with her children for seven months. She got a job and later the husband followed her and they started living in her house. After staying together for sometime he asked her to quit the job which she refused. He started saying that she was sleeping with other men which was not true.

She decided to remove him from her mind and her peace of mind was back. That started angering him and he started investigating if she was having another man in her life. After job she was not allowed to take a shower, with claims he was hiding evidence. He would also smell his pants after job to know if she had cheated on him with another man while at work. All those behaviors were affecting her mentally and she started thinking of leaving him.

He started threatening to kill her and she realized that things were getting more serious. She moved out of the house and carried everything. Later she reported him to children’s department and he refused to support his children. She started her life from scratches and today she is rising even if it is slowly. He relocated close to her house and he married more than three times trying to make her feel bad but she never cared about it. She relocated from that place and today she is living a good life with her children.

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