One of Kenya’s most renowned and controversial content creators, Mulamwah, recently shared the hardships he faced before receiving his initial salary in Nairobi, shedding light on his journey.

In a candid video, Mulamwah disclosed that after completing his university studies, he secured an internship at Kenyatta Hospital. However, being from a modest background, he and his family had to sell a sheep to cover his transportation expenses.

Upon reaching Nairobi, Mulamwah found himself without accommodation, leading him to spend a week sleeping at Jeevanjee Gardens before a relative came to pick him up. Living in his relative’s house along Outering Road, Mulamwah faced financial struggles, occasionally having to walk from Outering to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). Despite the challenges, he maintained a positive outlook, believing that things would improve.

During his three-month internship at KNH, Mulamwah, a diligent nurse, earned a monthly stipend of Ksh.90,000. After completing the internship, he received his first salary in Nairobi, a significant amount totaling Ksh.270,000. This transformative money played a crucial role in shaping Mulamwah’s future, preventing him from experiencing financial hardship since then.

With his newfound financial stability, Mulamwah decided to move into a new residence, opting for a Ksh.6,500 per month bedsitter located in a ghetto area. Despite accumulating substantial wealth, he chose to live modestly.

Mulamwah continued working at KNH for ten months, earning Ksh.90,000 monthly along with additional allowances. His life took a dramatic turn when one of his videos went viral, catapulting him to celebrity status in Kenya.


Deciding to shift his focus from nursing to content creation, Mulamwah’s journey to becoming a millionaire began. He emphasized his commitment to ongoing investments, expressing optimism about reaching billionaire status in the future.

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