“Mtaniita Boss” Video Of Chira Jamming to Hit Song Huu Mwaka, Sharing his Plans For The Year, Emerge

“Mtaniita Boss” Video Of Chira Jamming to Hit Song Huu Mwaka, Sharing his Plans For The Year, Emerge

“Mtake msitake mtaniita boss.”

Brian Chira shared a video lip-synching to Rayvanny’s song Huu Mwaka, sharing his plans for the year.

TikTok sensation Brian Chira was laid to rest on March 26, 2024.

Chira died two months after he posted the video, leaving his fans heartbroken.

Chira was yet to graduate from Kabarak University where he was studying. For his secondary education, the late TikToker went to Nkubu High School and his schoolmates described him as a bright student.

Chira’s friend, Tizian Savage, admitted that the famous TikToker had told him of the plans he wanted to execute.

The video showcased his eloquent English accent and engaging personality, capturing the attention of numerous viewers.

In the message, Chira talked about struggles with loneliness and unhappiness.

The untimely passing of Brian Chira, a vibrant presence on TikTok, has left the Kenyan online community reeling with shock and sadness.

“Even if I get that money, will I ever achieve true happiness? Will I still be lonely? The luxurious car, fancy mansion and vacations to Mallorca, will that ever be enough? Will it fill the emptiness in my heart or the void in my soul? Laying on the bed, whiskey in one hand with the other firmly clutched on the remote, Brina looked around his apartment eyes scanning the room. All he had achieved up to this point…” read the note.

Known for his engaging content and infectious smile, Brian’s sudden demise in a road accident has cast a somber shadow over his friends, family, and followers.

While at it, a video of Chira jamming to Dayoo ft Rayvanny’s song, Huu Mwaka, has re-emerged on social media.

Just hours before the tragic accident, a video also surfaced showing Brian happily enjoying time with friends outside a nightclub.

In the video he posted on January 8 on his TikTok account, the 23-year-old TikToker lip-synched to the popular hit.

Eyewitnesses recounted encountering Brian outside an entertainment joint in Kiambu shortly before the accident occurred.

Below are the lyrics:

“Huu mwaka eeh

Ndio mwaka wa kufosi

Yaani mtake msitake

Huu mwaka mtaniita boss.”

Brian’s grandmother, who had lovingly cared for him, was inconsolable upon learning of his passing.

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