They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and truth is, the President John Magufuli two kids appear to have taken after both their parents. A few days ago we introduced Magufuli’s daughter Jesca who looks like her daddy; and thanks to Juma Lokole we now have the first son’s photo too.
As revealed by the popular gossip monger, Juma Lokole; he says that the family speech (during Magufuli’s burial) was read by the president’s son who is known as Joseph Magufuli. He represented both his mum, Janeth and their sister Jesca – now that he is head of the family.
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Although the picture shared by Lokole is not so clear; one can’t help but see the resemblance between the young man and his mother. To introduce him to the world, Lokole captioned the post;
Joseph Magufuli mtoto wa Dkt.Magufuli ndie ameongoza familia kutoa heshima za mwisho
Finally Laid to rest
Having died while still in office, their was no other way but to move the late Magufuli’s lifeless body from one county to another; to give citizens an opportunity to bid their loved president goodbye.
Young and serious John Magufuli
After a tiresome week, Magufuli was finally laid to rest on Thursday, 25 March as revealed. It is indeed a big blow to the Bongo nation – but all in all – this too shall pass.


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