Meet Otile Brown’s Beautiful Manager Giving Men Sleepless Nights

Meet Otile Brown’s Beautiful Manager Giving Men Sleepless Nights

Otile Brown introduced his new manager, Mumbi Maina, a beautiful lady who Kenyan men cannot stop talking about, months after parting ways with his longtime former manager Joseph Noriega.

In June 2023, the musician announced a fresh start in his music journey, bidding farewell to Noriega while acknowledging his contributions.


“@noriega_donself bless up king, love always Grateful for the journey, memories made and success achieved along the way. Excited for what lies ahead. #NewBeginnings,” Otile Brown wrote.

Otile Brown’s management released a statement formally announcing the departure of Joseph Noriega from Otile’s managerial team.

“After an incredible six-year journey Brown bids farewel1 Lo his manager Joseph Noriega, marking the end of a remarkable era of collaboration and success.”

“Otile Brown expresses deep gratitude for Noriega’s invaluable contributions, stating “Working with Noriega has been an incredible experience. His passion and support have shaped me as an artist. I will forever cherish our partnership.”

“Otile Brown’s success is a testament to Noriega’s profound impact.

“While Joseph Noriega will be missed, Otile Brown remains committed to his musical journey with the same passion and dedication. Fans can rest assured that Otile Brown’s vision and exceptional music will continue,” the statement read.


On January 5, 2024, Otile Brown officially introduced Mumbi Maina as his new manager. The CEO of Just In Love Music shared this exciting news with his fans on various social media platforms, expressing his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Mumbi Maina.

“Welcoming our newest team captain @_mumbimaina thrilled to have their leadership on board as we embark on exciting ventures together. Here’s to collaboration, growth, and achievement of new heights 🚀 #newmanager.”

After being unveiled as Otile Brown’s manager, Mumbi Maina quickly captured the attention and admiration of Kenyan men. The photos below will provide a clear understanding of why Otile Brown’s manager is leaving many men captivated.

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