Maseno University Boy Caught Locking 2 First Years Girls’ in Dorm and Sexually Abused Arrested

Maseno University Boy Caught Locking 2 First Years Girls’ in Dorm and Sexually Abused Arrested

A 23-year-old boy student at Maseno University has been arrested and taken to police after allegedly involving in a violent robbery and sexually abusing two first years’ students.

Jacktone Oluoch Owiti was arrested in Maseno’s Chulaimbo area, and one of the victims’ phones which was stolen found in his possession.

The two victims, aged 19 and 20, told the police that they were attacked in their shared room in the dead of the night, by two assailants who were armed with a machete and a dagger.

“Kicking the door open and threatening the fear-stricken girls with stabs should they make a murmur, the agents from hell forced themselves on the victims before disappearing with their smart phones,” the detectives said.

One of the victim’s mother record the statement with the police saying that that her 19-year-old, daughter has been admitted in hospital after the alleged abuse.

“The minor has since been admitted and is in stable condition,” read part of the document.

Kisumu Police Spokesperson in a statement to media affirmed the incident saying the incident happened at around 2100hrs in girls’ Hostel, when the suspect emerged from hiding, grabbed the victims and sexually abused them in turns.

He further said that the victims did not disclose what had happened to them until the next day, when they reported incident to university administration.

Kisumu West detectives caught up with the first suspect on May 15, who was then paraded for identification, DNA sampling conducted and later arraigned.

Police are pursuing other suspects who are linked to the incident. “New leads to his accomplice(s) have since been obtained and the investigators are hot on their trail,” police added.

The DCI said the student is accused of committing the heinous act against students from the same campus on the night of April 14, 2024.


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