Churchill Show comedian Professor Hamo and second wife Jemutai have been moving at break-neck speed since they made up.
First, it was starting their own YouTube podcast. As if that wasn’t enough the Hamo then went ahead to buy for Jemutai a piece of land.
The father of five bought her land at an undisclosed location within Nairobi county and promised to set up a house on it so that she could turn it into a home.
Like with many incredulous things in Kenya, many thought that it might be a publicity stunt and that they were just advertising.
But it seems that it might not have been all hot air. Yep, the two comedians have started the construction of their new family home at an undisclosed location.
This news was made public by their contractor Kathy Andrews through her Instagram page, who posted a photo of herself together with Hamo and Jemutai.
She disclosed that they had done the groundbreaking for their upcoming house. ”Let’s now build a home” Kathy wrote.
Hata mimi ntakuita unijengee
Kathy Andrews is the CEO of Sung Timber and is the same lady who made the house that Omosh is living in at the moment.


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