Kisumu’s Sh20 million sports jackpot winner has unveiled his new wife in a Sh200,000 bash.
Joseph Onywera, the latest millionaire in town, treated his new catch, Phoebe Atieno, to a ceremony presided over by local Rabuor Catholic Church, Fr George Omondi.
The 63 year old won the Betway Jackpot in June after successfully predicting 13 matches. He treated his guests by slaughtering two big bulls, one sheep, a goat and 15 chicken during the two day celebrations in which the love birds whispered into each other’s ears.
“We also bought 100 kilogrammes of rice, several crates of soda, bottled water and other necessary things used in cooking. The ceremony cost Sh200,000,” said Onywera whose new wife replaces the one who ran away 18 years ago after he failed to feed his family.
On learning about her former hubby’s new fortunes, his runaway wife requested to return, arguing she had not divorced him in 18 years.
“I have never lived with another man since I left my home in Kisumu. I know that is where I belong, and that is where I will be buried, so I am just requesting him to accept me back,” Regina told The Nairobian.
Onywera, however, said he had moved on with his life including bagging another wife whom he unveiled in his Kabonyo-Kapiyo home in Kadete, Kisumu County last week.
Onywera had dated Phoebe several decades ago, but she had moved to Uganda, but his love for her had not died and he told friends and relatives “This is now my wife. Such a good woman. We have plans of formalising this marriage next year. We could have done it this year but I had a lot to handle.”
Fr Omondi said he had spoken to the couple “and it is important that they have not forgotten about the church, and I also advised them on having a wedding.”
The soft spoken Atieno introduced herself saying “Iluonga ni Pheobe Atieno, an Nyar Kisumo. Aonge mathoth ma dawachi sani, (My name is Pheobe Atieno, from Kisumu. I do not have much to say now).”
During the bash, Onywera also unveiled his 14-seater matatu and a pick-up with which he will venture into the car hire and transport business.
“I built three rental houses in Kisumu town, bought eight acres of land and other small projects which have consumed the better part of the money. I have deposited some in the bank and will be doing the remaining parts of my programme bit by bit,” he said of how he has used the Sh20 million windfalls.


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