Khalif Kairo, “Cera Imani Aliniacha Saturday, Maisha Imekua Ngumu Sana, Nalia Kila Siku.”

Khalif Kairo, “Cera Imani Aliniacha Saturday, Maisha Imekua Ngumu Sana, Nalia Kila Siku.”

Kenyan businessman Khalif Kairo has revealed that he is no longer in a romantic relationship with Cera Imani.

Speaking in an interview with Ankali Ray, Khalif shared that his girlfriend Cera Imani broke up with him on Saturday and the past four days have been tough.

Khalif added that since Cera dumped him, he has been crying on a daily basis and doing things he wasn’t used to doing such as cooking and making the bed.

In response to whether he misses Cera, he said that he has to since they were together and the fact that she dumped him doesn’t make him hate her and the memories they made together remain.

Fans are however skeptical about the said breakup since days ago, Khalif Kairo shared that he conducted a social experiment which involved faking a breakup on social media.

In a tweet , Khalif Kairo said that his girlfriend had left him and he was in a depressed state.

He went ahead to share that he was no longer able to do the things that he love as a result of the breakup.

A few moments later, he shared that he was amused by how much people are obsessed with him and his love life.

He revealed that he was chasing clout and he was carrying out an experiment on human behaviour.

Kairo and his girlfriend Cera have been trending for the past few weeks. It all began after Kairo introduced Cera, prompting netizens to dig into her past videos and photos, alleging her frequent visits to a certain club before her relationship with Kairo.

The car dealer however went ahead to defend Cera adding that he is planning to marry her and is not bothered by her past.


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