It’s amazing how Akothee who only about a decade ago was doing odd jobs to survive, has turned the tables to swim in billions.
The flamboyant songstress used to sell omena before she started her own empire that is comprised of real estate, hotels and tour company etc.
Akothee is known for her flamboyance, she own posh vehicles and she is also known for throwing posh parties every now and often.
The “Benefactor” singer also owns high-end houses in Mombasa, Rongo and in Switzerland.
But how much is Akothee worth? The singer’s manager, Nelson Oyugi, divulged to eDaily how much the songbird is worth.
Nelly who is popularly known as Nelly Oaks, revealed that his boss is worth 61 million dollars or 6.2 million shillings. He explained that Akothee’s multi-million dollar house in Switzerland significantly inflated her net worth.
Nelly Oaks said that Akothee’s house in Switzerland was worth 50 million dollars/5 billion Kenyan shillings.
Basically her ultra-expensive house in Switzerland accounts for almost 83% of her net worth; the remaining assets are invested in Kenya.
Akothee’s manager said the singer’s assets in Kenya amounted to 10 million dollars/ 1 billion shillings; they include her hotels at the Coast, her tour company, her real estate and other possessions.


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