This morning, Kamene narrated a story of a lady from Eldoret who decided to do her fiance dirty, days to their wedding.
So the two lovebirds were planning for their wedding and after fundraising and sourcing for the money, they had Sh480,000 and were roaring to go, only for the lady to take off with it.
Defending the ‘thief,’ Kamene says she decided to be economical after realizing that starting their lives together does not make economical sense to spend half a million on a wedding they cannot afford.
Jalas threw a spanner in the works by saying some people would prefer a Sh500,000 honeymoon over an expensive wedding, while some would in fact prefer that cash and forget about a wedding and a honeymoon.
This saw the two put up a poll asking Kenyans to choose between; A wedding worth half a million, a Sh500,000 honeymoon or have the money instead.
I will say even if Kamene chose a honeymoon worth Sh500,000 over 90% of those who voted chose to have the money!


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