Kenyan Popular Comedians Who Look Simple On Screens But Smartly Dressed In Real Life

Kenyan Popular Comedians Who Look Simple On Screens But Smartly Dressed In Real Life

Mammito is a popular Kenyan comedian who got every body breaking their ribs through her always humerus content. Her real name is Eunice Wanjiru Njoki. She is a comedian at Churchill show at the moment but also has her you tube channel where she post her ever funny jokes. Through comedy, she has gained a million followers especially on her social media pages. Mamito is a good example of women that we should also use our talents.

Mammito maintains simple look most of the time while in public but in real life she is an amazing fashionista.Below are her photos she looks gorgeous.


Awinja is a very popular actress and an established online comedian.She is so unique in her acting and dressing as she has been featured in several films.Awinja’s real name is Jacky Vike.Her role as a househelp in Papa shirandula episodes that are aired on Citizen Tv every Thursday brought her the fame.She is making it in the parody business and has brand illustrative of numerous associations Tusker being one of them.

The dressing styles of Awinja on set is very different from her fashion in real life. While on set, she dresses shabbily and behaves like a typical village girl. In real life, Awinja is a classy and stylish lady. She is very beautiful and gorgeous.The Papa Shirandula actress has a great sense of fashion that is to die for. She knows how to dress and her selections are unique and enviable.Awinja is serving her fans nothing but pure glamour and bliss.


Wilbroda whose real name is Jackie Nyaminde is an actor, comedian, radio presenter and a media personality.She is remembered for being an actor in the popular television show known as papa Shirandula where she acted as the wife to papa Shirandula.Wilbroda currently works as a radio presenter at Milele Fm.She previously co-hosted at Citizen Radio morning program called Jambo Kenya alongside Inspekta Mwala and Luchivya.In 2019 Wilbroda quit radio Citizen and joined Milele FM.

Wilbroda has a great sense of fashion and style.She rocks her outfits and dresses her body appropriately. She shares her elegant pictures on social media especially after she lost weight. Below are her photos she looks gorgeous and beautiful.

4.Crazy Kennar.

Crazy Kennar’s actual name is Kennedy Odhiambo, a young Kenyan using YouTube to have fun and entertain his viewers. He was born in Nairobi from where he began his education as a young boy. He is one of the most successful youtubers in the country. From the name crazy, kennar, he actually portrays the characters of a crazy young man onscreen and you may not believe it when you see him in real life. He is a completely different person in real life though he is always funny.

Crazy Kennar has a YouTube channel called Tales of the crazy Kennar. He’s amassed more than 200k subscribers. The channel pays him more than 60,000 per month. He’s the CEO of Crazy Kennar Company and Instant Delicacy Restaurant located in Juja Square. He’s the brand ambassador of Tusker, DS TV and other companies.


Flaqo Raz whose real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno is a singer , dancer , script writer , comedian and content creator. He is also an entertainer in every sense of the word. He was born and raised in Kisumu county where he lived until he relocated to Nairobi.Flaqo Raz is humble and very funny. He even laughs at his own jokes.Flaqo Raz is one of the most successful youtubers in Kenya.His short skits on YouTube playing the role of mama Otis and baba Otis have made the actor a famous figure in the country.

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