Kenyan Kante Asks Mungai Eve to be his Valentine, “I Love You So Much.”

Kenyan Kante Asks Mungai Eve to be his Valentine, “I Love You So Much.”

Digital content creator Kenyan Kante has expressed his love for YouTuber Mungai Eve.

Kanye took to his Instagram page to dedicate a song to the YouTuber, asking her to be his date, adding that he loves Eve so much.

Mungai eve will you be my valentine?❤️😊 I love you so much 🥰” he posted.

In the music video, he wore a white sleeping robe inside a cosy room with a huge bed, red balloons on the wall, red petals sprinkled on the bed, and lit candles.

the singer placed pictures of Mungai Eve everywhere in the room.

This comes after speculations that the content creator is currently single after things went south with her longtime boyfriend cum business partner, director Trevor.

Their fans have been speculating for weeks that the famous couple is no longer together after they deleted pictures of each other from their Instagram pages.

Days later the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Kenyan Kante became an internet sensation after videos of him dancing in the streets of Nakuru went viral.

He later revealed that he had been living in the streets of Nakuru for five years since he was chased away from home by his mother.

Kenyan choreographer Tileh Pacbro was delighted to meet Kante and he gifted him ksh 100,000 to boost him.

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