Karen Nyamu unveils high school letter from her crush

Karen Nyamu unveils high school letter from her crush

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has shared screenshots of a letter she received from her high school crush.

In the letter, the crush starts by telling Nyamu that she had been silent for a long time while on the other hand, he was waiting for her letters (response).

The crush goes on to tell the nominated senator how his days have been highlighting he was sad that his favourite artiste E-Sir had died the previous Sunday.

From this information, it was evident that the letter is from 2003.

He explained to her that he and his friends cried after the sad news but noted that he was glad singer Nameless who was in the same car survived the accident.

The crush then updated her about the latest dancing styles, promising to teach them to her when they meet.

He then signed out dedicating her the songs ‘Boomba Train’ and ‘Bamba’ from E-Sir and Thug Lovin by Ja Rule.

Nyamu said she wouldn’t want the letters she sent back to the crush seen by the public.

“My high school crush please usiwahi roa barua zangu, utakua umenimaliza kisiasa.”

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