The hype surrounding this weekend’s WRC Safari rally event has been building up as the day draws closer.
Half of Nairobi will be driving down to Naivasha to witness the historical event but there are a few who won’t make it and Jalang’o has some words for you.
“The real drivers are in Safari park they’ll drive to Kasarani then they will race down to KICC for the official flag off before racing down to Naivasha. If you are in Nairobi and you are not going to Naivasha and you want a kidogo experience make your way to the flag off.” He said.
Jalas and Kamene went ahead to call out the reckless drivers racing down to Naivasha after reports claim that there have been a few cases of accidents already reported involving revelers headed to the event.
People have started misbehaving which is not OK. You are going early enough so please drive polepole, if you wanted to drive very fast you would have been a rally driver.” Jalang’o said.
Echoing her co-host’s words Kamene added;
“It is no easy road and a lot of things are happening, please don’t be stupid.” Kamene said.
Adding that,
I know there is a lot of hype and fun and adrenaline is pumping and there is a lot of excitement. Cool but everybody is going to be on that road no one needs to stunt on the other one, you don’t need to die on the road.
Jalang’o reminded the reckless drivers that the people left behind will drink their alcohol and take their girlfriends once they are gone.


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