There was a moment of drama at the High Court today after Joseph Irungu;’s sister started weeping uncontrollably.

Emotions ran high as Justice delivered a groundbreaking verdict in the trial of Joe Irungu, popularly known as “Jowie,” and his co-accused, Jackie Maribe, for the murder of Monica Kimani.

Here are the key highlights from the courtroom drama:

Guilty Verdict for Jowie: The judge pronounced Jowie guilty of the heinous crime, affirming the prosecution’s case that on September 19, 2018, he mercilessly ended the life of Monica Kimani.

This verdict marks a significant milestone in the high-profile case, bringing closure to a chapter of uncertainty and speculation.

Acquittal for Jackie Maribe: Contrary to expectations, Jackie Maribe, Jowie’s co-accused and former fiancée, was acquitted by the court.

This decision comes after a lengthy legal battle and fervent assertions of innocence from Maribe throughout the trial. The judge’s ruling brings relief to Maribe and her supporters, ending her legal ordeal.

Emotional Outburst: Perhaps the most poignant moment of the day was the emotional reaction from Jowie’s sister upon hearing her brother’s verdict.

Overwhelmed with grief, she wept uncontrollably, reflecting on the profound impact of the court’s decision on the accused and their families.

The courtroom saga captivated the nation, underscoring the complexities and emotional toll of high-profile criminal trials.

As Jowie faces the consequences of his actions and Maribe embraces newfound freedom, the aftermath of this trial will reverberate for years to come.

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