Jamal Rohosafi is refusing to get dumped. The businessman’s services were rendered moot by Amber Ray in a brutal divorce that showed how efficient the socialite was at moving on.
Since then Amber has been celebrating like her marriage wasn’t even a dream while Jamal has had a tough time moving on.
This past weekend, the rich businessman posted a message on his I.G stories where he talked about missing a certain person.
His message read, “I miss you my sweet and sour.” A message that was rightfully interpreted as a plea to Amber.
Amber for her part was scathing in her response, telling him off for wanting a beautiful woman, yet when he gets he wants her to change.
She wrote,
“I don’t know who needs to hear this but, This behaviour of lusting after an extremely beautiful and free woman, then wanting her to tone down her sexiness and freedom once you’re together, is odd! “
Thing is that I can’t blame Amber for her reaction. Why? Jamal is not behaving like the father of two that he is but like a man-child.
Yes, I said it! This relationship was done and dusted the moment that Amira his wife started voicing her concerns.
Even if Jamal wanted to keep Amber as his second wife, her nature in itself cannot be held back. She is like a wild stallion that cannot be reigned in.
He knew what he signed on for before he married Amber Ray but he still went ahead and did. You don’t buy beer and complain afterwards that it has alcohol inside it.
The rumours doing the rounds are that Jamal is trying to get Amber back and even took her out to dinner this past weekend.
Jamal shouldn’t cry if after wooing Amber again the train of the relationship still derails.


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