All the traditional places people used to get spouses such as the church, are no longer ideal because women don’t go to church anymore.
On the Monday morning chat, Maina wanted to know from young men ” if you are a young single young man there is a question I was told to ask you; where do you get women you can marry nowadays? where?
Co host Mwalimu Kingangi told him that “they -women- are nowhere, they are not in clubs, not in church, she is not at the River collecting water hako stage, ako Uber” leading Maina to challenge him
“What do you mean nowhere? Maina repeated the question “So if you are a young single man where will you get women to marry nowadays?”
A black couple on a date
A black couple on a date
If you are a single lady wanting to settle down, do you ever wonder mtapatiakana wapi? are there any marriageable men between the age 22 of and 35? maina asked “if you are ingle and searching where do you make yourself seen? if you are not going to find her in church, in the bus stage, or social media, or in church so where do you meet them?”
If not the church, not the bar, not social media, where do you start looking?
Men are there by the way Mwalimu argued, they are all over.
A man called in identifying himself as Frank “I’m also single and very happy so why should I look for somebody who will give me stress, seriously I’m not looking why should I look for stress when I’m still young? maybe in the next 8 to 10 years. I don’t have a girlfriend I’m not dating, in fact I have to switch off my phone at night every day because of the calls, from women currently I have five lines, three they don’t know, I’m the real champion”
A second caller told Maina that his auntie hooked him up with a woman from ushago because Nairobi women are a waste of time. “unajua like me I will get married this year or December and the connection came from my auntie who told me there is a good lady who is hard working who can treat me well .She told me achana na hao wa Nairobi, and I’ve known her for six months and I’m ready to marry her this year, and I’m very happy because she can go to work, go to shamba anaenda kuchunga ngombe acha slay queen wa Nairobi,”


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