I Switched On The Lights Only To Find My Husband Naked On My Daughter’s Bed: Esther Njoki

I Switched On The Lights Only To Find My Husband Naked On My Daughter’s Bed: Esther Njoki

“Mum Kuna Mtu Anani Shika shika!”This were the words that Esther Njoki heard from where her daughter was sleeping and upon reaching there,she found her husband naked lying next to her daughter. Here is the story.

Esther Njoki was born and raised in Loitoktok Due to financial constraints she studied upto to class seven and later came to Nairobi and was employed as a house help she worked as a house help for nine years .

Later she found a guy and they planned a wedding and she got married her marriage was not a bed of roses since four months into the marriage she realized that her husband had a mental problem and was taking medicine.

She says that at times the husband would fail to take the medicine and end up doing weird things and sometimes even had conversions this happened severally to the point she started getting sick also because she was stressed.

Upon confronting the husband’s sisters they said they didn’t want tell her their brother had a problem because they wanted him to have a family it was untill things got out of control that they finally told Esther to leave for her own peace of mind.

Esther decided that go back to her mother’s who was by then living in Wangige by now she had already given birth to her first child who was a girl the husband severally came to her home to pursue her back but she disagreed .

After two years of staying in Wangige she found another guy and she decided to try marriage for a second time unfortunately the guy happened to be a bhang addict but she did not know till later .

They got married and they started living together with her first born daughter Esther got pregnant a few months later the marriage was going well since the husband could provide for her together with her daughter.

One night however everything turned around,at this time Esther was pregnant they were sleeping and suddenly she has her daughter in the room say “Mum Kuna Mtu Anani Shika Shika” Esther thought her daughter was dreaming and she told her to sleep.

A few minutes later she heard the same utterance and realized her husband was not in bed with her she went to where her daughter was and upon switching on the light she saw her husband lying naked next to her daughter.

Esther said although she confirmed nothing had happened,she was so shocked that she started bleeding . She asked the husband and he pretended that he did not know he was there and that he thought he was in their matrimonial bed.

She says that she was traumatized and didn’t know what to do she laid on bed but kept listening on her daughter this incidence stormed an argument the following day such that Esther decided to go to her mother’s again.

She didn’t tell her mother what was going on but the mother was able to confront Esther’s daughter who was nine years by then Esther’s Mother warned her to live the man alone because she was putting her daughter in danger.

Life at her mother’s became really difficult such that Esther ended up falling for the same man’s lies again and went back to his home she gave birth to her second born son while at this place.

The man however kept on asking weird questions about Esther’s daughter questions Like whether she has started her periods and this made Esther really uncomfortable whenever they had a conversation about it the husband would threaten to kill the daughter.

Esther realized that she was putting herself in danger and eventually decided to go back to her mother’s home she says life is really difficult for her right now considering that she has two kids and no source of income.

She urges well wishers to help her get a job or start up a business inorder to be able to raise her kids.

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