‘I go for days without having enough sleep’ Chipukeezy opens up

There was a time when we would log onto social media and from the words of Chipukeezy, there was a lot of drama surrounding his life.
It got to a point he sat down and thought about his life and decided to take a chill especially when it comes to partaking in alcohol. According to Chipukeezy, beung in that state made him make bad decisions.
Speaking to Mpasho, he said he’s been off alcohol for the last two years and let’s just say, manz has saved a lot of money in those two years.
Chipukeezy confessed that there were nights he would spend sh100,000 on alcohol.
”Sometimes, a lot of people think that the only thing that can make you not be at your best self is stress from life issues or women but even when you are trying to actualize your dreams, it is so much in you.
I go for days without having enough sleep. Sometimes when I’m leaving the house my dad is complaining I have not eaten.
For your information, this is my body now, Sina Ukimwi [I don’t have Aids] the other one you have seen me was when I was drinking a lot.”
I quit drinking two years ago and it is not because I am a NACADA guy but it got to a place where I was not understanding why I am drinking. that does not mean I have not been stressed.”
Chipukeezy went ahead to say that the night was fun times but the morning after he was sleeping all day nursing a hangover and the day would just go by having done nothing.
From that experience, he was very categorical that he does not regret that life he lived because he learned. Instead of spending money on alcohol and fun times, there is a better way to help his people.

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