There were online claims that Sonko’s ‘timely’ response to evictions was suspicious. A Martin Nyakundi, said to be a employee of a city gubernatorial aspirant, lambasted Sonko on a WhatsApp group thus:
“By mathematical probability, this is not possible. All factors can never be constant in any undertaking of such nature. It is therefore obvious that the entire scenario is pre-planned, premeditated and choreographed by Sonko himself to hoodwink and cheat the public”.
Sonko dismissed the claims as the work of his political enemies. He said that he always tags the media on his rescue missions to expose land-grabbers because law enforcers have failed to protect land owners.
“It is the aggrieved people who make distress calls to me to come to their rescue. I will not responding to these calls. I will not entertain any kind of nonsense. I will deal with the cartels fearlessly,” Sonko responded.
An elderly couple from the Asian community was recently thrown out of their home and their house demolished by a developer on grounds that their lease had expired. Many others families have lost their homes.


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