I know we all thought that Rono Chebet was depressed but she out to explain herself in a detailed post where she set the record straight.
Of course Rono is not depressed but this doesn’t mean that she is not facing a few issues here and there; that is judging from her social media posts as seen recently.
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Chebet Ronoh with bae
For some reason, I’m beginning to feel that she may be facing relationship related issues. I mean, it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Just the other day, Rono went on to talk about normalizing ‘not expecting anything’ from men as she wrote;
With men you just have to be disappointed in advance
With such a post, it wouldn’t take a genius to decode what Rono was trying to say. However at the same time we really cannot trust this gender considering how it throws around mixed signals.
Another post
But after her latest post where she wrote;
I waxed this pu$$¥ for NOTHING
And just like that, I can assure you that there is a cool kid you guy my guy somewhere giving Ronoh some sleepless nights; but truth is, it’s never that serious!


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