Francis Atwoli praises Mary Kilobi, says marrying many wives is not greed

Francis Atwoli praises Mary Kilobi, says marrying many wives is not greed

Central Organisation of Trade Unions secretary general Francis Atwoli, 74, regaled an audience with hilarious tales of taking a third wife, television news anchor Mary Kilobi.

Speaking at a COTU meeting in Western Kenya on May 3, 2024, he praised his wife and revealed the little things she had done for him, including making him look good just before he addressed an audience of people from around the world.

“They still send me abroad to represent them. And if you don’t have someone to confirm boarding times for you, you think it’s 9 pm instead of 9 am. You can end up sitting at the airport from morning till evening and the plane leaves you; and when you go to them, they say, ‘Mr Atwoli, what happened? Where have you been?” said Mr Atwoli, hinting that it was his wife, Mrs Kilobi, who confirmed the boarding passes for him.

He continued: “The head of state, President William Ruto, is giving a press conference and I want to know what he said. My wife is on the phone listening to what he is saying. When I sit down, she will tell me what Mzee said.

Atwoli added: “When I go to international meetings, like the time she accompanied me to Algeria for a meeting opened by Koffi Anan when he was still Secretary-General of the United Nations. He was to be given a one-minute standing ovation, but first I had to know his story. I told her to find me a little story about him. She went online and two minutes later she gave me his story and when I read it, Ghanaians were shocked that I even knew which primary school Koffi Anan went to.”

He went on to say it was not out of greed that he took another wife just because she was beautiful, young and named Mary like his mother.

“Sasa, sio mambo ya tamaa ati nimeleta bibi ya pili kwa ajili ni maridadi, ni mdogo na kwa jina anaitwa Maria kama mama yangu alikuwa anaitwa Maria. Mnaona hio?… Sasa saa ingine kuwa na mtu wa kukusaidia si tamaa. (Now it is not a matter of greed that I have brought a second wife because she is beautiful, young and is called Mary like my mother who is called Mary. Do you see that?…Sometimes it is not a matter of greed to have someone to help you),” said Atwoli.

He also said that even in his old age, his wife helped him to take his medication as prescribed by the doctor at a particular time; and this was proved when he travelled without her and ended up mixing up his medication, becoming drowsy and faint. Both his doctor and his wife reprimanded him for his mistake.

Atwoli also confessed to spending more time in public with Ms Kilobi, who was present when he gave his speech.

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