A female police officer named Swaleh Rehema has accused her bosses of unfair treatment due to her complicated pregnancy.
The distressed officer from Langata Police station said her bosses denied her maternity leave even after giving birth through a C-section surgery.
Taking to Instagram, Rehema decided to pour out frustrations from the police service.
“I received my bundle of joy on June 2, sadly through an emergency C-section. I got discharged on the 6th of June. Normally, in the police, when you deliver it’s ok for you to send your birth notification so that your maternity leave can be processed for you.
I sent it to my colleague to help me process it. Which she went to the station to work on it today. The OCS Langata Chief Inspector William Matu refused that no leave is to be granted to me. Other ladies who delivered before me sent their notifications and they were granted their leave.
I am told i should have taken my birth notification personally. With my CS wound, I can’t even walk well. In my shock, a deserter has been sent for me. That i have deserted work. That means my salary is going to be stopped. Mr. OCPD and OCS Langata, what do you want from me?” she narrated.
Rehema went ahead to narrate her pregnancy struggles that started when she was 7 months into the journey.
She had swollen feet, hence could not stand for long. But the OCPD refused to grant her lighter duties.


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