Deputy President William Ruto was interviewed yesterday by comedian Jalang’o. The second in command was as charming as he usually is giving the funny man a lot to think and laugh about.
One of the things that surprised many was his admission that gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa is his favorite artiste.
Speaking on Bonga na Jalas, DP Ruto disclosed this information after being asked to name his favorite artiste and favorite food.
“What is your favorite song…Najua haupendi reggae” said Jalang’o hilariously alluding to the recent BBI political debate.
DP Ruto replied, “My Best Artiste ni Solomon Mkubwa (Mungu mwenye Nguvu) …and favorite food is nyama choma and Mahindi Choma pia hapo niko kabisa.”
Ruto also touched on the things that he misses doing by virtue of not being a private citizen anymore, saying that window-shopping was at the top of his list.
“Window-shopping- hii window shopping unajua pale tu hii kuangalia, iko kitu fulani pale, kuna new style hapo ya viatu, sijui nini pale. Hiyo window shopping ni kazi mzuri sana lakini sai haiwezekani. Watu wengi watazusha ama itabidii nivae miwani na sijui ni hapo.”
Ruto hugging his wife
Ruto hugging his wife
Mr. Ruto’s advice to the youth was for them to be patient and persevere saying that life was full of ups and down’s. “Maisha ni panda shuka, tia bidi, pole pole utafika, na vijana muache presha nyingi bana, stress itawamaliza,” he finished off.


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